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Thats a mouthfull to say!!

We challenge you to say 'iced oyster' three times in a row without getting it mashed up! 😝 GO!

After many years of blonding sessions and growing out the length of her hair, our super smiley Stalker here decided it was time to mix things up..

Queue Tom stepping in!

After a chat about which direction to go in, together they decided to opt for a super deep oyster root melt throughout the hair to add depth and dimention, while leaving out a veil of icey shimmery goodness around the hairline to avoid heart attacks!

This enables our Stalker to still feel bright for summer, whilst also stepping over to the dark side! ..Who says you cant have your cake and eat it too!?

To keep up the theme of change, our Stalker waved goodbye to a decent 8inches off her luscious locks, to boot!

Quirker Responsible: Tom.


Root Melt £40

Sprinkling £24

Toner £17

Revamp £64

To have a chat about how we can spruce up your current look, give us a call on 01606 330 879!


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