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Recently, Team HQ got themselves some fancy new headshots,

We know, we know, ooOOoOoo!

So, to show them off, over the next few weeks we thought we would introduce ourselves to those of you who we have not yet met, re-introduce ourselves to those of you who may have had a little time away from us, and just plain show off our beautiful mushes to those of you who are most definately familiar with team HQ by now!

We're playing coy, so you'll be meeting one team member at a time, over the next couple of weeks 👀

Introducing... Aimee!

HQ Role: Stylist

Years At HQ : 3yrs 8months

♣️'Aimee Trivia'♣️

Music Of The Moment: Sam Fender

Word Of The Moment: 'Nibble'

Kareoke Song: Livin' On A Prayer By Bon Jovi

Drink Of The Moment: Prosecco

Sam Fender is an English singer, songwriter, and musician! He is known for his high tenor voice and strong Geordie accent, layered over music characterised by a roots orientated rock approach.

Sam's sound relies primarily on his traditional American musical upbringing, combined with a classic British rock sensibility. He has been acclaimed by critics and musicians for his songwriting proficiency.

At 18, Fender was spotted performing in Low Lights Tavern, the pub where he worked, by Ben Howard's manager Owain Davies, who took him on as a client!

Throughout 2013, he played a series of gigs across the country supporting a number of artists including Howard and Willy Mason. At the age of 20, Fender was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness, shortly after which his father moved to France. He then took two years out for health reasons.

He revealed years later that he has a "compromised immune system". Sam has said that prior to this time he tried to write songs that he thought would be popular as he was "desperate to do well" to get himself and his mother out of their financial and living situation. However, Fender said that having a major health scare and facing the possibility of death changed his outlook on life.

His recovery refocused his songwriting efforts, and he began writing songs for himself. Sam has ADHD which he says helps him to focus on his music. It was out of this period that Fender wrote a number of the songs he went on to release.

Aimee has recommended you take a listen to the below album to get you started, let us know what think below!

"Hypersonic Missiles"

Have any questions that you would like to ask Aimee? Fire away and we'll do our best to get them answered!


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