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Yup! Today we're celebrating 7 Years of Hair, Fun, and Unique Vibes!

HQ fam! Can you believe it? We've officially turned 7, and oh boi, what a ride it has been!

Just like little magical creatures, the HQ team have been sprinkling hair-cutting magic across Northwich for another amazing year.

You know what that means - It's time to put on those party hats and let loose!

Most importantly though, we couldn't have made it this far without all of you - our incredible and supportive clientele. Your support, love, and trust in our hairstyling expertise mean the world to us. It's what keeps our all hearts warm and fuzzy, just like the ears of our adorable little House owl, Carlos! (Not familiar? Ask about him next time you stop by!)

So, from the depths of our wild and creative souls, Thank You.

Thank you for being with us, cheering us on, and believing in us and our HQ team. Your unwavering support makes every snip, hairstyle and colour creation all the more worthwhile.

Here's to another 7 years full of colour, laughter, and music that'll make your soul dance!

We can't wait to celebrate our birthday week with you, groove to some cool music, and slurp some tasty beverages.

Cheers to all the fun hair transformations and the adventures that lie along that big ole road ahead!

Tom, Rae & The HQ Team x


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