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Morning Stalkers! Due to a few rather late changes, Tom now has a few appointments available for today (Thursday!) Who's going to steal these appointments to prevent him causing mischief around the House?! These appointments are only available to Tom's already existing clients. This applies to anyone who has not been to this particular Quirker before, rather than to the House as a whole. This is solely to be able to fit & maintain flexibility for that Quirker's existing clientele. Take a snoop to see if any of these appointments suit you: ✴️Cut & Finish - 12.45pm ✴️Cut & Finish - 6pm ✴️Cut & Finish - 7pm ✴️There is potential for the 6pm slot to be a colour appointment (without styling), as this would take up the space of the 7pm slot too. To book any of the above, you can either: Give us a call on: ☎️ 01606 330 879 -We reopen at 10am this morning! Or You can book appointments (not colour) online here by clicking the link below: Any questions just give us a hollar!


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