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🎶 Surely make to lose your mind... 🎶

(One for the Eagles fans among us!)

We are starting off the week by sharing some new services that we have created!


🎉 The Super Snappy Mini Menu 🎉

Why? Because we are aware of the world of change that we are all currently navigating.

This menu was cooked up to help manage the barriers of:

👽 Cost

👽 Time

These services are here for those of you who already visit us, so that we can top up our work on your stylish heads, to help you stretch out your bigger colour or cut appointments, and save you either, or both, of the above.

Take a read through, and if you have any questions, as always, fire them our way!

These services cannot be booked through our online booking system, so give us a call on 01606 330 879 to get yourself booked in!


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