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Yup! If you couldn't tell from that colourful, feathered, baubalicious beast above..

HQ is celebrating it's fifth year!

Get those party hats on! 🥳

Although it has been a very strange past couple of years, the HQ team are still standing!

We would like to thank every single one of you for your continued, and hugely valued support on our journey here so far in Northwich.

Throughout our time here we have seen the town change immensely. We have had the streets turn in to lakes a few times, a dinosaur invasion, a couple of scooter mod weekends, our teams table and chairs mysteriously go walkies and reappear on the roof top, businesses move out, new business move in, many a great music festival, a couple of lockdowns, Northwich grow as a supportive community and the HQ team flourish. We can't wait to see what else pops up, so heres to another 5!

Being here continues to make us feel as fuzzy as that number 5. To know that you are all behind us and the HQ team every step, makes it all worth while. So thank you for being you, and helping us to be us, here in our little Northwich gaff.

Tom, Rae & The HQ Team x

Pssst - Anyone else struggle with looking at the word fifth as a real word? 😹


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