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Here at the house, we like to push our future fledglings that little bit more, to unleash their full potential. 

We have a 3 year programme in place, where each apprentice can gather their NVQ levels 1, 2 & 3, collecting colour badge achievements along the way, and earning their place on the dance floor.

These guys train REALLY hard to master their craft! We have a weekly training day, 1:1 with an 'in house' sorcerer to teach them the magical ways of the hair world, taking each task and eating it for breakfast. 

There is no college involved with HQ, but we have external examinations that assess east task monthly, and will give them the certification they need to go as far as they want to travel. 🚀

• No, it isn't easy. • Yes, it can be tons of fun! • No, you cant always win. But thats ok. • Yes, you feel on top of the world when you 'nail it'. • No, you cant rush through it. • Yes, it is SO WORTH IT.

So why do we do it this way over sending these guys to college? 

When we entered the hair industry, it became our responsibility to pass down our craft and educate our future hair wizards to the best of our ability, after all, why keep it all to ourselves? To do this, we believe that 1:1 learning gets the best results.

When you are as passionate about the industry you are in as we are, you would want to spread the word too. 

So pack your bags dudes, we are going on an adventure. 


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