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Masculine Hair Trends Of 2022

The trends for masculine hairstyles have been a very slow stroll the past couple of years, as oppose to changing with every season like its polar opposite! But finally, 2022 is vibrantly overflowing with key trends of the masculine shape, including a rather cheeky throwback to the 1980s-1990s!

What’s the vibe you ask? A huge wave of super short classic shapes, and more excitement wrapped around longer hair styles.

Before deciding to get a new haircut, be sure to check with your Quirker about which style may suit you and your hair texture best. There are a couple of aspects they will chat with you about, which should always be taken in to consideration before taking the plunge!

Will the chosen haircut suit your face shape? For example, the same hair cut will look completely different on a square face shape, than those with an oval.

Will it complement your facial hair? Your hair cut should go well with your beard or moustache, if you have one/either/all of the facial furniture!

Will this hair cut work on your hair type? Wether you have fine, coarse, straight, curly or textured hair, the type of your hair directly affects how your new haircut will look and whether it can be done on your hair at all.

Don’t worry, we’ll navigate you through the crazy world of hair!! Do you know we offer a 15minute complimentary consultation service? Well, you do now. Give us a call and we’ll book you in - 01660 330 879!

Let’s take a dive!

The Buzz Cut.

Yeh, it’s super simple, but don’t diss it! This military inspired and low maintenance haircut is back baby!! It can beautifully accentuate your facial features and if you are blessed with a wonderfully strong bone structure, can make them look more prominent. If you consider this cut too simple, but are curious of if you could mix things us, why not combo withy a lightening up your hair to a bold bright blonde or a pastel colour for the summer!

Fancy a buzz but worried it may be a little too short? We got you - A crew cut is what you need! Basically a buzz, but with a teeniest bit of length to create texture! (An example for this version is that it is not typical to see this cut with any hair longer than say, an inch or two).

The Box Cut.

Sporty hair cuts are another of those classic haircuts that have re-entered the hair world. These cut’s are sharp, mega practical for those of us without the pleasure of time being on side, and suit almost everyone.

There are two versions of the box cut in out opinion, the short version, and the long.

Box-shaped haircuts have been trending since the 90s and are seemingly back with a vengeance - Want something different? It is quite literally a boxed shape, for your head, but better of cours!

The Skin Fade.

Okay okay, so technically this one has been around for a little while now, BUT, this technique is especially new in its most extreme variation.

It shows a transition of a longer top, to completely ‘off-off’ back and sides, which looks pretty daring. If the style from Peaky Blinders resonates with you, perhaps it’s time to grab this haircut for yourself. This can accentuate your head shape and jaw line, whilst allowing the length on top to sit full and voluptuous.

The Caesar.

The ultimate short, yet texture rich summer look! Both shorter and longer variations of this hair cut, with fade out back and sides, are huge this year. One of the oldest and most popular of the classic masculine hair cut is the Caesar. It was extremely popular in the 90s, and now it’s back, being blended with other hair styles making for a striking pairing.

In case you aren’t too familiar with what the Caesar hairstyle is, it’s mostly a cut with a square front, achieved with a short cropped heavily cut fringe. Since it’s a short haircut, it flatters a variety of hair types, which is one of the reasons why it’s coming back along side these shorter, low-maintenance styles.

Longer Masculine Hair Styles.

For those of you with long / longer hair lengths, it’s your time! The long hair trend only building in strength, with the preference of retro, grunge, and textured haircuts.

The Grunge Vibe.

Messiness, shattered locks that look like they’ve been cut with a knife and fork, long asymmetric bangs are all elements of a hair cut of a free-spirited and confident soul who likes to bend the rules a little. A benefit of grungey hair cut is that you can wear it many ways, messy and voluminous, texured, slicked back, top knotted, braided.. the list can be endless!

The Braided Look.

Braided hairstyles are hugely becoming a go to look for those of you with long hair who want to get creative and experiment. Braided hairstyles can add vibrance to any long hair cut and again, show off facial features really well.

Braids are one of the most popular, stylish and low-maintenance hairstyles to wear, with a bonus of another style once the braids are unwrapped. Also known as plaits, braid can be achieved with shorter and longer hair, and can also be paired with a fade, an undercut or shaved sides, to create an individual look. While masculine braids were once exclusively known as cornrows, there are many different types of braids to be explored, including box braids, cornrows, plaited dreads, dutch and french braids.

Not sure how to wear braids? New to this whole thing but curious? Talk to us on your next visit and we’ll go through some ideas with you!

Fancy having a go yourself? The technique for crafting them remains much as it was way back when they were first fashioned.. around 5,000 years ago!! Madness right?!

Split the area you are wanting to braid in to three equal pieces, then plait by putting the left piece under the middle piece, and then the right piece under the (new) middle piece, then just repeat this until you run out of hair! Tip:

Pull each strand tight to keep the braid neat, and continue from front to back until you run out of hair (try to use the same amount of hair in each piece so it looks uniform). If your hair isn’t very grippy or you have super soft hair naturally, we recommend applying with a salt spray or a wax to your hair prior to attempting your braid(s). To finish, wrap an elastic band around the end of your braid to keep the hair in place. You can then style your braids in anything from a loose ponytail, tuck in to a topknot, or let them just hang free!

The Textured Pompadour.

In a word... Elvis! A long, yet short hair variation of this trend is a textured pompadour. The pompadour hair cut is, at its simplest, a style where the hair is swept up and back over the head. The sides and back are combed neatly towards the back, and kept close to the head whilst a quiff is constructed using the longer hair at the front. For this look, leaving the face open. If you want to stand out, this is one for you to try. There are so many variations of this style that it can be cut and tweaked to suit all ages, tastes and professions!

There we have it folks - the latest trends are here for you to peruse at your leisure, and we are here ready and awaiting your new do if you so wish to dive in to a new look sometime soon!

Come Get Quirked!

Here are a few images to tickle those tastebuds:


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