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We're pretty sure we have all had more than enough of these lovely face ardornments by now, but unfortunately there is still a place for them here at HQ.

This is due to isolation still being around, how this affects all of us at HQ, and you guys too if we needed to cancel your appointment in this instance.

We will however, be relaxing the use of masks slightly.

Very much like last time, there will be certain times during your visit that we will still require you to wear a mask, and certain times where you will not have to, if you wish.

You do not have to wear a mask when sat getting your hair done, unless it falls in the below list....

You must wear a mask while...

✨In the waiting area

✨Moving throughout the salon

✨At the backwash

✨Your stylist works around the front of the face (fringes etc.)

✨You have the lurgy

We must all remember that everyone is in a different situation to us, so this is our way of trying to reach a compromise that will hopefully please the majority of you all, and the team.

The HQ team will continue to wear masks at all times for now. We will adapt an exit strategy of this over the next couple of changes, in line with isolation restrictions easing, but we will update you as we go.

Of course this could all be rolled backwards again, as things seem to not be so solid gold in recent times, but dont stress, we will have it covered if need be.

The team will still be keeping up with regular LFT's, and we still ask, that if you have anyone who is isolating at home, to please not attend your appointment with us at HQ. This just helps with protecting the team from the risk of isolating with being close contact workers.

Rest assured, our covid 19 cleaning protocols and extra ventillation will be remaining in place until we feel it is no longer required.

As always, if you have any concerns, grab that phone and give us a bell on:

☎️ 01606 330 879

Or you can drop us an email here:


Hope to see you all soon Stalkers 🤟

Ps. Don't forget to tune in later for Full Album Thurday! 6pm. Be here.


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