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WHAT IS THIS NEW RANGE?! Well, let us tell you! It is a new range to us here at HQ, that we have taken on from Loreal Series Expert. It goes by the name 'Inforcer'. OoOoooo. Sounds serious right? WHAT DOES IT DO? The SHAMPOO is a specially designed treatment which tackles breakage and split ends. It gently cleanses daily dirt and impurities away, whilst working to restore hair density and resilience. This leaves hair feeling replenished and fortified, with a soft, supple texture. RRP: £14 The CONDITIONER is specifically developed for fine, damaged hair that is in need of a little love. It helps improve manageability and replenishes each follicle from within. After using, your hair is left feeling more resilient and revitalised, with visibly reduced split ends and minimised breakage as well as a mirror-like SHINE! RRP: £15.85 The MASK enforces the above (see what we did there 😜) by deeply replenishing damaged hair. The mask is a a rich, powerful treatment, but not heavy at all as this is designed for weak and fragile locks. This creamy hair mask envelopes hair with moisture and nutrients, seeking to impart a soft texture and minimises the appearance of split ENDS. RRP £21.50 HOW DOES IT WORK? The magic of this range is that it is packed with a strengthening blend of vitamin B6 and boitin. Biotin, which is also known as vitamin B7, stimulates keratin production within the in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth. WHO IS THIS RANGE SUITABLE FOR? This entire range has been made for those of you who suffer from fragile, split end and breakage prone, fine hair. It improves manageability, resilience and lustre for healthier looking locks. It's also perfect for all you who belong in the 'long hair crowd' out there, that are prone to frizz, fallout, and in need of a boost! Want to know if you'll like it? Why not ask your Quirker next time you're in if it's suitable and if you like we can use it for you when we wash those locks of yours. HOW CAN I GET ME SOME? Easy! You can bag yourself some up at your next visit, or you can purchase over the phone and pick them up at the door at a booked collection time!


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