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We would like to reveal to you our latest addition to the House..... JODI!!! 🥳 Jodi is on our fledgling programme which is a full apprenticeship with us here at HQ. So let's introduce you to a little about our newbie.. HQ:Jodi, tell us.. are there any foods out there that freak you out? J: Fish and cheese... ewww! HQ: we think that sounds quite the adventurous combo... 🤢 HQ: What is your go to 'Scooby' snack? J:Im loving the mini eggs actually! HQ:Okay, lets delve, most hated food? J:Fish, gross, yuck! HQ: So.. you don't care for a bag of prawn cocktail crisps then...?! HQ:Top shelf of meals? J:Carvery, enough said. HQ:Right. If you had to cook HQ a meal, how well do you think it would go? J:I would have to fake it! I would get my auntie or uncle to make it, and then I'd bring it in! HQ: Let's get that arranged..! HQ:Do you follow any sports? J:Yes, football... BIG liverpool supporter! HQ: oOOo.. Edwin this is about to get interesting for you! HQ:Let's talk hobbies... J:Who doesn't love shopping?! I have a dog too so we go on walks, also I love a bit of family time! HQ:Where do we stand on the animal front?  J:So,I hate spiders & snakes, the pretty obvious choices really! My dog is my favourite animal of course! HQ:Describe to us your idea of a perfect day! J:A sunny holiday with my auntie & uncle, and just being around the pool chilling out. HQ:Here we LOVE Music.. Please dont let us down here! J:I love anything by Elton John! HQ:PHEW. Okay, you can stay. HQ:What's the best movie you have ever seen?  J:The Kissing Booths Trilogy HQ:We are not familiar, we shall take a look! HQ:Fess up, are you a stalker of anyone famous? J:I am! Basically all the cast of Stranger Things! HQ:So just how excited are you for stranger things starting back up tomorrow!?  J:OMG VERY!! NO ONE ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDS!! HQ: Hahahaa, we feel the excitment radiating from you right now!! HQ:What is your favourite thing that you have learned about the House so far? J:That the whole team are really nice and polite! HQ: Awwww! Thank you! We feel you have settled in so well within the team and we're glad to have you on board our ship! HQ:Give us a fun fact about you! J:I love Eastenders, and also horror films! HQ:Give us a good story.... J:Okay..! When I was younger I was walking through Nantwich and was being nosey at these two people who were arguing.. and as I turned around, I headbutted a lamp post and gave myself a thick lip! HQ:Now thats a story hahaha!! Ouch though! There you have it Stalkers, make sure to introduce yourselves on your next visit to the next big thing to hit HQ... #StayTuned


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