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We would like to reveal to you our latest addition to the House.....

Bobbi!!! 🥳

Bobbi has joined us on our fledgling programme, which is a full apprenticeship with us here at HQ.

Our training programme is quite lengthy, sometimes tough, but always fun, and we think this girl has what it takes to smash it.

Want some inside knowledge on this one? Well! We managed to squeeze some pieces out of her.

∆ Chocolate Of Choice:

Either a Boost bar, or the Marvels Creations jelly bean & popping candy Bar!

∆ Music:

Big Beatles fan, Bobbi's favourite song is Strawberry Fields Forever.

∆ Hobby:

Our Bobbi here, actually has quite the musical ear, (and magical fingers), and managed to teach herself how to play the Piano! (We are very jealous of this talent!)

∆ Film:

The Goonies!

∆ If She Could Be A Creature:

Bobbi LOVES a Panda..

(They are undeniably cute to be fair!)

Bobbi is super excited to meet you all, and will probably hunt you down for a natter when you next stop by!

Welcome Aboard B!


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