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Recognise anyone?

Thats right Stalkers, this time, it is a Quirker who has been Quirked!

Taking full advantage of a rare 'lull' that appeared at HQ earlier on this week, Rae got her tallons out and whipped up a colour change for Edwin, to go along with his newly 'revamped' cropped hair cut that Aimee had created for him the previous week..

What do we all think?!

Cut Talk:

Edwin fancied going super short and was ready for a change, so Aimee stepped in to deliver! Working with Edwin's natural hair texture, we wanted to create a short, heavily textured, yet fuller feeling throughout the top, so working with the hairline in mind, Aimee crafted a high fade, with a softly blended crop through the top zone, texturising to create a beachyness. Face shape wise, we tailored the fringe to add a strong chunky texture, whilst keeping a bold shape flowing in to the resession line for a more square-to-slight oval finish. This brings out Edwin's facial structure and really compliments his cheekbones and beard shape really well.

Colour Talk:

Working with Edwin's skin tone and facial adornments, Rae lifted up his natural base colour (which is pictured below) up to around 4 & 1/2 levels, then toned the brightness down to a soft, warm, pearly blonde. This allowed us to go big on how bright we could push the lift, whilst working within Edwin's colour range to bring out the best of his eye colour, skin tone and facial features. This colour is going to wear in really well with Aimee's hair cut, and as Edwin gets his cut maintained over time, will start to create more shadows throughout the sides, and become less clean, developing in to more of grungey vibe.


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