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Hi Everyone! Thank you all so much for all of your messages and shared excitement over Bo-Jo's announcement yesterday!  These are very exciting times indeed for all of us. As we are still eagerly awaiting our industries government guidelines, we still cannot plan our restructure nor start booking appointments due to a few big questions that we urgently need clarification on. As soon as we receive these and finish off our planning of how the new game shall commence, we will be update you all.  How exciting is it that we now have a date! 🎉 Wahoo!  Please be patient and bare with over these next few days. We have received a super loud volume of messages, emails, calls and also have a garden full of carrier pigeons - We will be going through them all and responding in due course. Please understand that this will take us some time as we are also working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready, but we will eventually get to yours.  For any appointment requests, please refrain from contacting us and do head over to our blog's faq's if you haven’t already, as this is still something that we cannot help you with just yet.  The link is here: For those of you on our priority list, please understand that we will be contacting you as mentioned previously and we can only do this once we have the answers we need, and have got everything prepared. Please refrain from contacting us as we need to keep this volume we are facing manageable. If you are unsure if you were classed within those first three weeks of cancelled appointments, feel free to ask us and we will check for you. We cannot wait to see you all soon. We are hoping to update you further this week, and we'll make sure the pigeons get a beak stroke before being sent back to you. 


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