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For those of you who have been Stalking us for a little while here, this post will come at no surprise to you!

It is that time of year where, once again the Quirkers will be conjuring up some spooky realness just in time for all hallows eve, all in a big fight for the big ole title of 'The Pumpkin King'.

So, in a couple of weeks time, we shall be asking you, to do our pumpkin judgin!

Last year, the trophy of dreams was awarded to the beloved House Moth, Andy!

Here he can be seen coveting it, welp, alls we can say is he better make the most of it...... 👀

Will Andy retain the grand Pumpkin King title, or, will it be snatched from his feeble clutches?

Tune in next week... 🎃


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