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We have a celebration to declare at HQ...

We are congratulating our Fledgling Hannah on graduating on her hilighting exam earlier this week with Rae!!!

🎆🎆🎆 WAHHOOOOO!!! 🎆🎆🎆

As from the 23rd of November, you will be able to book in with Hannah for the hilighting appointment of of your dreams.

As we are still getting our speed up on pixie length hair & hair shorter than a bob hairstyle, if you would like to help with this last tricky speed test part, we are offering 50% off with Hannah over these next few weeks*

**This offer is only available to those of you who do not already have a booked hilight appointment in with a Quirker between now and Christmas.

Get dialling for those Christmas hair colour appointments before theyre snapped up!!

☎️01606 330 879


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