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We have yet another celebration to declare at HQ... (We decided that we couldn't just stop at one!)

So today we are congratulating our Fledgling Tash on graduating on her colouring exam today with Rae!!!


As from now, you will be able to book in with Tash for your full head colours, semis, & root touch ups! (She gives a mean head massage too!)

As we are still getting our speed up on blowdry appointments, if you would like to help with this last tricky speed test part, we are offering £15 blowdry appointments with Tash over these next few weeks.

If you would like to see if you can grab a colour appointment with Tash in time for Christmas, but you see another Quirker here at the House, Tash will have full access to all of your colour history, and your Quirker will be around for the colour consultation to help out if you decide to have a change and you want to run it by them!

Get dialling for those Christmas hair colour appointments before they're all snapped up!!

☎️01606 330 879

Dont forget to book in for a skin test if you have either:

✨Not seen us for colour before.

✨Not had your hair coloured by us for 6months+.

✨Coloured your hair since we last saw you for colour with us.

✨Had a covid 19 vaccination or booster jab since we last saw you for colour.


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