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We have a winter celebration to declare at HQ...

We are congratulating our Fledgling Tash on graduating on her hilighting exam last week with Rae!!! Congratulations Tash!

🎉🎄🎆 WAHHOOOOO!!! 🎆🎄🎉

Tash is now a personal hilighting assistant for Rae & Tom throughout December and January, meaning that as of now, you will be able to book in with Tash for the hilighting appointment of your dreams, just in time for the new year ahead, with Rae & Tom doing your colour consultation as normal!

Left booking your christmas colour appointment too late with Tom or Rae? This now means that Tash can hook you up!

Get dialling for those Christmas hair colour appointments stat before they're snapped up!!

☎️01606 330 879


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