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We are beginning our week with one heck of a celebration to declare here at HQ....

Today we are congratulating Tash on GRADUATING from our Fledgling programme!

🎊🎊🎊 Woooppp Woooooppp!!! 🎊🎊🎊

This is a first for our little House as Tash came to us very early in to her training, and has battled on through the ranks to earn her HQ badge of honour!

..The blood, sweat and tears were all worth it Tash!!

As from now, you will be able to book in with Tash for your hair cut & colouring needs as a graduate stylist! 🕺💃


If you already see Tash for your colour appointment, you usually have your regular Quirker lead the consultation for what you have. Now that Tash is qualified  this now means that Tash will be leading your consultation solo.

Tash will have full access to all of your colour history, but this means that your Quirker will not be there for the colour consultation to help out if you decide to have a change and you wanted to run it by them.

If you have any concerns, or have any questions on this, please do get in contact with us and we can go through them with you.

Tash will be a graduate stylist for a couple of months before she passes in to the next stage of becoming a fully fledged stylist within the House.

As we are still getting our skills levelled up up on gents, hair extensions, bleach & tone work, vivid work, coily hair and razor work appointments, you can not book for these services just yet, but if you would like to help with these last few peices, we are needing model sessions every other Tuesday/Wednesday during our Training sessions.

Tip: Tash is filling up rather quickly already (go Tash!) so get dialling for those summer hair appointments to avoid dissapointment!

☎️01606 330 879

Or for non-colour appointments you can go through the link below to be taken to our online booking system:


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