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Well well well! A rare photo of Tom & Rae for your eyes to feast upon! ...Take it in quick, before they run away and hide again!

Today, we are bringing to your attention this mini feature that was published in the Northwich Guardian a couple of weeks back now, called 'Meet The Salon Owner(s)'!

This feature gives business owners, and managers, the chance to shine a spotlight on to their salon, and showcase some of the magic that happens within it - To which we were very honoured to be asked to be a part of! Thank you Heidi 💚

Here, Rae & Tom get grilled and tell you how important music is to their ethos here at HQ, how they came in to the hairdressing industry, and how HQ is more than just a business to them.

So grab a coffee, and take a snoop by clicking the link below:


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