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Hair colouring and maintenance are something we always like to talk about, educate ourselves on, and also help to educate you guys on when helping to making hair colour decisions during your hair appointment with us.

With this in mind, our Stalker pictured here below, wanted to keep the natural root visible, whilst injecting some depth to the midlengths and ends of her previously built up blonde hilights, to get closer to a more relaxed maintainance colour service.

To achieve this, Aimee created a balayage with a twist, by adding deeper tones thoughout those areas.

This will help to break up the already existing blonde, add dimention and texture within the hair, create shine, and give a more natural regrowth over time for a more relaxed up keep.

This should add a good few more weeks between colour visits without feeling it looks needed.

If you would like some advice on how to change your hair colour to a more manageable, lower maintenance service, book in for a complimentary 15minute consultation and we can advise and go through some options with you!

Give us a call!

☎️ 01606 330 879

Quirker Responsible: Aimee


Half Head Bespoke Balayage: £72

Toner: £17

Cut & Finish: £41


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