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Welcome to our enchanting House, where the whispers of hair secrets echo, and where our playful Quirk spirits thrive!

Some of you might have noticed, tucked away on a mysterious shelf, up near our fledgling's nest training area, a collection of retired mannequin heads.... each with its own tale to tell.

They were once the muse of our Fledglings, and our Quirker's most daring colours & hairstyles. But now they rest, silently conspiring in their retirement..

Beware, dear Stalkers, for there's a mischievous twist to this tale! You see, these mannequin heads are not just a display of our artistry, no no!

They're also our silent judges of behavior...

If one of you dares to be unruly or disrupt our cozy haven of creativity, you risk becoming the next addition to this curious collection.. 👀

So, loosen those locks and let your etiquette sparkle, for in this House, we dance with the wind, and the mannequin heads are our confidants.

Embrace our playful allure, where style intertwines with mystery.. and rest assured, our mannequins are masters of discretion!

Come stop by.... If you dare!


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