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The importance of keeping your long hair in tip tip condition is definitely more than one would think.. How long do you normally come in to see your Quirker for a maintenance appointment? The range varies for you guys as individuals, but for this kind of hair length, we recommend coming in between 8-10week mark before the ends begin to weed out, the shape begins to fail, and the condition begins to fray a little.. Make sure your hair is also in ship shape, not just that bod! Are you on top of your hair? Let us know below how long you normally go between appointments?..Ignoring the lockdowns of course 😉😹😅 Quirker Responsible: Edwin Styled using @davinesofficial Heat tools used: @wahlprouk #HairEducation #ListenToYourQuirker #ShapeUp #HairMaintenaceIsImportant #ThanksForSuportingUs #HairMusicMischief #NorthwichHairdressers #UnisexSalon


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