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In our time of hairdressing, skin testing you as a client before seeing you for a colour service has always been the norm.

Previously we would normally only skin test you if:

✨ It's the first time we are seeing you for colour.

✨We haven't coloured your hair for 6months+

✨You have had your hair coloured elsewhere or done your colour at home since we last saw you for colour.

✨Medical Reasons.

Since coming back from this most recent lockdown, we have had to ask you all back in for a skin test. This is due to an insurance policy change with covid 19 and also the covid 19 vaccination, and how it increases your risk of having an allergic reaction to colour.

Alarmingly, we are only three weeks in, and we have had atleast 10 of you that have had a reaction to your patch test.

Some of you have reacted before you have even left the salon. This just goes to show that although this is very annoying, it is a necessary action that we are taking.

We know this is very inconvenient for you, and it's even more for us due to how many of you support us, and the extra space and time this takes up with social distancing in place, but without doing this extra precaution, would have resulted in potentially a few A+E trips, and some rather stressed out Quirkers.

Please let us know if you have had ANY reaction to your test, and as soon as possible. Big or small, it all matters. If you have a reaction, that tiny amount we apply to your skin would be a whole other story if it was applied to your entire head.

All clients who have reacted so far are safe and well thankfully, but wow, we are so relieved that we have come back with a strict policy of retesting EVERY client who requires any colour service, even if they have had a test in the last 6 months. Could you even imagine?!

There has been a common link to all of these which might possibly be the reason they can no longer tolerate colour. This possible factor will likely affect every client and will be a factor in all our lives moving forwards.

So please, please, don’t think the recent developments about skin testing is just everyone being a little over the top. It's all worth it for the health of all you, the client, and us at Team HQ.

The Picture below has been shared with permission from our client. This is classed as a semi severe reaction and the photo was taken a few days afterwards.


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