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Wellllll... at least it did yesterday! 😋

Our Davines range is back in business and awaiting the all important job of protecting your hair from those wonderfully exciting (but very drying) beams of summer sun over these next couple of months!

We all know about how important sun factor is and how the sun affects our skin without it right?

Well, have you ever thought about how your hair gets affected by the sun?

Just because you can't feel pain from your hair, doesn't mean the sun ain't hurting it..

Let us introduce you to the SU family of products by Davines.

This is a complete routine to protect your hair and skin before and after sun exposure. Enjoy your time in the sun, worry-free — these healing, hydrating and nourishing products are saviors for hair + skin, yep, the shampoo is designed for your skin too so you don't need to have tons of different products with you if you go away.

SU Hair + Body Wash:

This is a multi-benefit shower shampoo. The formula is characterised by a full-bodied foam, which moisturizes and gently cleanses the skin and hair that has been exposed to the sun, with an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

Apply to wet hair and skin. Massage in gently and rinse. Repeat shampoo application, then apply conditioner SU hair mask or SU milk, depending on your needs!

RRP: £17

SU Hair Mask:

This is a lightweight mask which helps by restoring the hydration back in to the hair that has been exposed to the sun, and contains specific antiaging action also from chlorine and salt, so great for holidays, walkers + outdoor swimmers! It also restores softness to the driest and dullest of hair with an anti-oxidant action.

This treatment is designed for use during + after sun exposure.

Apply to towel dried hair after using shampoo all over the hair and you can either leave in the hair all day, or, after sun exposure, leave on for 5-15mins.

RRP: £19.50

SU Hair Milk:

This is a lightweight leave-on softening milk which is enriched with UV protective filters that protect cosmetic colour and help to retain hydration during sun exposure. It works to keep the hair soft, weightless (almost invisible!) and combable.

The hair milk doubles up as two products:

🌞As a protection product - apply to wet or dry hair during the time you will be out and about or sun bathing.

🌞As a leave in conditioner - apply to towel dried hair after shampooing and leave in! RRP: £19.50


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