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As we are all aware of the devastating situation that is currently at hand, we want to raise awareness of ways to help, if you can.

A very kind hearted person called Ewa who is a Polish/British national, has been arranging drop off points for donations, and transport over to Poland, in order to get aid over to Ukrainian nationals who have escaped the Russian invasion, as fast as possible. These people had to try and fit as much as they possibly could in to just 2 bags, whilst in a rush to get to safety.

The Polish government and citizens have arranged for humanitarian support on a large scale, but they need more help, urgently.

If you would like to donate anything from the list below, the cut off point is THIS THURSDAY.

The drop of point is:

The Polish Church - 107 London Rd, Northwich, CW9 8AT.

The gate to Polish parish is located next to the bridge.

The Church will have tables outside of the building (protected from rain) where you will be able to leave your donations.

There are set drop of times due to there needing to be someone available to accept your donations, so please only arrive during the hours stated here:

(Today) 1st - 12pm-2.30pm.

2nd March - 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-8pm.

3rd March - 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-8pm.

For those of you who cannot drive and would like to donate any items, we will be dropping off at the church tomorrow after work (Wednesday), if you can get to us at HQ before we close, we will drop them for you.

In response to donations so far, it is preferable for donations to be in boxes / sturdy packaging / zippable bags as they need to survive the journey to Poland, or, if you are someone who has packaging tape and boxes knocking around, please can you donate these so that volunteers can repackage the items given in plastic bags.

This is the updated list of currrent needs:


Caned food (with long "use by" dates)

Pasta, rice etc

Smaller toys

Sanitary products (including nappies for kids and adults)

Sweets for kids


Energy bars

Dried fruits


Metal cutlery and plastic cups and plates




Please be aware that they no longer need clothes, and cannot accept money.

This person is not a registered charity, they are simply a volunteer who has gathered help from friends/family and others who are offering help and wanting to do good. They cannot accept money.

Every single donated item will be transported over to the Polish Integration Support Centre in Wrexham, who have organised and paid for a lorry to be driven over to Poland. Once in Poland all donations will be delivered to one of the many collection points, ready to be distibuted to Ukrainian families accordingly.

Thank you Stalkers x


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