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T E A M ◉ A V A I L A B I L I T Y 21 - 25th July

Already booked in but feel like its miles away from now?

Not decided when to plan your visit with us yet?

What if we told you that we have some availability left for this week?

Have a snoop below for if any of them tickle your pickle...


∆ With Aimee: 5.15pm gents cut & finish ∆ With Edwin: 11am cut & finish


∆ With Aimee: 4pm colour touch up appointment


∆ With Edwin: 10am cut & finish ∆ With Rae 4.15pm for gents cut + finish


∆ With Aimee: 9am for cut & finish/1.15pm gents cut & finish ∆ With Edwin: 2.15pm for gents cut & finish ∆ With Rae: 12pm for cut & finish

Drop a message below to book or click on 'contact' for info / any questions!

See y'all soon


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