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Well HQ Stalkers, we are here.

We get to say goodbye to the hardest year we have ever faced. All of us, not just team HQ. Here's hoping 2021 brings more stability and happiness to us all.

Thankyou for every single one of your smiles this year. For your thoughts, your kind words, your patience, sweet treats, and your continued support of all of us here at the House.

We have been overwhelmed with the amazing support that all of you wonderful humans have given us. It's been tough but you keep our batteries recharged.

To those of you who haven't yet felt confident enough to re-visit us, your lovely words and hilarious hair photos have been so supportive along the way, so thankyou for also seeing us through.

Social media stalkers - far and wide - we are so happy that you choose to stalk us! Every single like, share, reaction, review of us, recommendation rating, scroll back, click, and lick of the screen.... All of this keeps our light switched on, we can't thank you enough for being there doing your thang.

To all the hair stylists out there who have been so supportive in your words, who have reached out and also who have helped us keep our heads on, thankyou. We can't give up now, let's raise a glass to how far we have come through, and keep going, the shore is not too far off!

And of course, to the most important of them all, the cogs that are the HQ team, well, we just can't even put in to words how proud we are of each of you. How you have all pulled together more than ever and kept the big old HQ wheel turning, even at the hardest of times, and still with your cups spilling over in positivi-tea (had to, soz!) you all keep us inspired and keep the reasons we are doing this awake. You are such a great team and we are so grateful to have you all on board our disco ship.

Without all of you, we may not have made it through this year, and for that we are forever grateful.

Now, less of the soppy stuff. 2021, we are nipping at your heels already.

Sending New Year love to all of you 🪐

What cheeky tipple did you clink the back end of this year to with?

Tom & Rae x


House Of Quirk
House Of Quirk

Yesss! Glass of the good stuff!



Champagne!! 🥂 xx

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