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Not only do we love a total colour clash here at HQ, we also have a bit of a thing for styling clashing too!

Take this super sharp, strongly shaped power bob...

The texture of our Stalker's hair here is naturally curly, so to keep the balance of weight manageble for day to day wearing as it grows in, and create a more bespoke look, Tom hand carved in some pieces of 'pazzazz' to really get that party started.

If in doubt, clash it up. You wont regret it.

Quirker Responsible: Tom

Service: Revamp £64

This look was finished with a diffuse dry and a loving touch of Davines Oil Non Oil - A great lightweight oil for keeping those curls looking naturally quenched, adds structure & definition, smooths the frizz, without being overloaded or feeling claggy.

RRP: £20 (250ml) - available right here, from us, right now!

What is a revamp?

A 'revamp' is a change of hair style. The reason this has its own catagory, away from your regular 'cut & finish' service, is to allow your Quirker more time. This is so that you and your chosen Quirker can go through your options, hash it out, action them, and then teach you how to recreate your style at home yourself, and they can give you the run down its new maintenance routine!

Fancy a revamp?

Click on the link below to check out our availability through our online booking system:

Or alternatively give us a call on:

☎️ 01606 330 879


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