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Psst.. you.. yeah you!

Fancy a blowdry?

We are looking for blowdry models over the next couple of weeks for our fledglings Hannah & Tash, to get their speed up, and to gain that little extra experience for perfecting the perfct finish, without the use of irons.

The art of blowdrying is a magical power that all great hairdressers hold. With the recent pandemic spanning across the last two years, and then the restrictions on air flow once we came back, these guys have some catching up to do!

Want to help out? Great!

There are x2 price teirs on these blowdries:

💥With Hannah:

£5 for all hair types & length & including diffusing curly hair.

💥With Tash:

£5 for the following:

Short hair (crops & graduated bobs)

naturally curly hair / textured hair (diffusing or smooth blowdry)

£15 for any other hair type / length.

These blowdry slots are limited, and will be around until these fledglings are given the HQ stamp of approval, so do give us a call asap and get booked in.

Lets get these birdies flying!


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