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What a fantastic night we had at our folk special hosted by the wonderful Vicar's Son, Unfortunately we had an act pull out of the evening last minute but the Quirk House Band were here to step in! So after they were out of the way we got down to the real business!

Who was first up?

The fantastic George Williams.

George has been knocking around Chester for a while now soothing people with his leopard like tones. Rather that do his own materiel George decided to do a selection of covers from artists and friends who he thinks need more exposure, even doing a a cover from Mountainface who played our last October show. A great performance all around with some superb vocal work.

Vicars's Son made a real storm at our last October show and the following Christmas Special and this time they certainly brought the biscuits. Added keys brought a really well rounded sound to the multi instrumentalist duo and we kept all our lights in tact this time! A bit of clapping, dancing and drinking later and the show was done.

It was a real pleasure to hand the evening over to the guys and watch them bring home the bacon raising an amazing £370 for the notivate charity. If you would like to know anything else about the shows we put on you can visit the music page on our website which will always show our latest show.



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