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We have exciting news. We were getting concerned here at the house that we have an increasing amount to tell you, but are aware that people hate e-mails, we get it, we do too.

By the time we've told you about the latest gig, product launch, HQ event, promotion, appointment reminder and Emu rodeo you are sick of us. So, from now on we will be sending you a bi-monthly newsletter that will have all the best news in it ready for your eyeballs to feast on. This way, if there is a part that you don't care about, just skip on over to the bits you do! Done.

Not Signed up? Get in touch and we will add you to it! Just give us your email address and we will add it to your profile on our system. No, we dont sell your information on, or do anything dodgy like sign you up to the next London marathon..

As this is the first month of us doing this, and today being the 1st of May, we are kindly going to share that newsletter right here, as a 'one off', so that you know what kind of treats the future newsletter's behold before you decide on if you would like to sign up or not!

So, without further a do, let us begin. 



DATE: 29/06/24    DRINK INFO: BYOB TIME: 7.30PM TICKETS: Seat £15 Feet £13

So unfortunately our Karaoke extravaganza was not received well by the people.. You didn't speak, and we listened.. We have to try these things, but we will be returning to the scheduled HQ program.


So here we have our annual festival special, held on the weekend of Glastonbury, we are a haven of musical freedom for those that failed to get tickets.

We have some great acts taking the stage, starting with THE QUIRK HOUSE BAND to remind you that things could be worse. ELMO ASHALL-KELLY bringing his punk and rock experience and folding it into his unique singer/songwriter craft. Click his name for more. LORIS & THE LION taking you to a gothic fairytale garden with their fluid harmonies and multitude of instrumental talents.

All the money will be going to Medical Aid for Palestinians. As the war continues the amount of innocent people caught in the crossfire increases and this will help bring more aid to the desperately in need region. 


Tickets went on sale today at 12pm, and can be bought from the salon in person, or by calling us on 01606 330879.


We will see you there!


If rather than getting your news in a well laid out email you would prefer it mixed into the mad ramblings of two coffee fuelled creatures, this is for you.

After every salon show (every 2 months) one of these virtual coffee mornings will take place on facebook. There is the chance the day or time will change slightly (non-salon life pending), so be sure to keep an eye out on the lead up. Here is the link to our next one with all the information you need - Let us know your tuning in by clicking the attend button!


Due to some supplier issues, we haven't been doing our normal extension work within the salon, but we have a new supplier all locked and loaded. We will be working with the team on getting the new protocols up and running, and then we will make some noise about it.

Extensions are often thought of in relation to adding length to the hair, but actually are perfectly suited to those of you who are feeling their hair is on the thinner/finer side and would like to feel more fullness. They can also be great for adding in colour flashes, or a balayage effect to people's hair that would otherwise be too compromised to colour/pre-lighten, or those of you who would prefer not to have colour on their hair. But we will talk more about this another time. 


The new loyalty point system seems to be going down well with the people and that's what we like to see.

The Davines Shampoo Bars have been very popular on spotlight for the last couple of months. So who knows what may be up for grabs next?! Probably us. Be sure to check with reception if you have enough points for any of our amazing in-house salon treatments. You can also check this yourself at the top of your account page on the HQ App. If you don't know what the hell we're talking about, make sure you speak to the team next time you are in, so we can make sure you are set up correctly. Our app is free to download from your app store- If you dont already have it, what are you waiting for?!


Some have you may have walked into the salon on a Saturday morning, and been confronted with the chaos of one of our theme days.. It can be a jarring experience at 8.30am.

This time was no different with our carnival of arts day designed to complement the Now Northwich festival that was happening in the town. The place was filled with colour, and I don't just mean Edwin's new hair.

The star of the show though, was the prize wheel of destiny. Some won great treasures, others.....a joke from Andy. It was a mixed bag, that's for sure. For those of you who missed out, fear not, the wheel will return. 


Ever been thinking to yourself "I'd really like to buy a House of Quirk gift voucher for a loved one, but I really can't be bothered talking to Andy."? We get it!!

We've got you covered. We now have digital gift vouchers, that can be bought through our secure portal, online. There is a link at the bottom of our website's online booking page, or you can purchase also on the House of Quirk App. Take a gander:

The person redeeming the voucher will still have to deal with him, but we can't solve all of your problems.

So this brings us to the end of our first HQ Newsletter, we hope you enjoyed it. Keep quirking and we will see you in 2 months in Summer? We hope. 


Tom, Rae & the HQ Team x


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