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Ever find yourself bopping, foot tapping, humming, heck singing and full on swing dancing your way through your visit to us here at HQ?

What about experiencing a song or artist for the first time whilst your getting your hair washed and thought to yourself, "Ooo, I must ask who this is!", to then forget by the time theres a moment to ask?!

Welp, we have now made it super easy for you to find our custom made, rather eclectic playlists, so you can hit up any of our playlists and listen along to your little heart's content.

Its as simple as using your phone, following the intructions on the waiting area screen, and hey, presto!

You're Welcome!

Not got your visit for a while, but want to know what all the hullub is about?

Follow our link below to listen along too!

Be sure to let us know which playlist of ours is your favourite 🤟


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