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With a smile as infectious as this, we had to get a snap!

The 'quiff' hairstyle is the finest combination of the 1950s pompadour meets flattop, with a little sprinkle of the mohawk.

The name is thought to be the derivation of coiffure, which is the French word for hairstyle dont you know!

This gender neutral style has recently made a rumble as it is seemingly on its way back up on the trend scale.

Adding in some elegantly flowing layers and silky soft texture, this look was crafted especially for this super smiley Stalker, and we absolutely love it.

By keeping all of the layers weightless, this allows for you to be versatile in how you wear your crop, day to day, and most importantly, week by week.

As our hair grows, so does out style. For some of us, it may wear in and get better over the course of a week or so, for others, its lerfect right away, and for others, its longevity is limited, which is why it is of the utmost importance that we explain, and craft correctly, to get the best out of your style, for you, your lifestyle, and your hairs mischevious ways!

Quirker Responsible: Tom


Cut & Finish: £59

This kind of look will require regular maintenance between 5-7weeks depending on your requirements!

To create this look, you have to make the front section a little voluminous and then brush both of the sides smoothly down or back as Tom has above.

The quiff is also a great little addition to any upstyle or even half-upstyle, so not just for our short hair crew!

Fancy a quiff? Lets Talk!

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