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During the pandemic period, low self-esteem has become quite the show off hasn't it? So what can we do to raise that self-esteem of yours?

Starting with something as simple as a haircut can help boost your confidence, and even change your entire look. Finding the hairstyle that is perfect for you may even leave you feeling ready to take on the world..

..Maybe lets try it by taking on one zoom call at a time though ,yeh?

Why not have a read through some of the below styles and when you are ready, come visit us to give one a try!


If you are going for a more professional look and need something acceptable for business, or you want to be slick and ready for action, the side part is a good choice.

It is a great way to look professional without wasting too much time with styling. Simply comb it, add a little product, - we recommend applying either Davines Shine wax for a controlled sheen, or for a matte effect we love using Windle London's Volcanic Ash wax, rustle your fingers through for shape - or grab a comb for added sophistication, and be on your way!


Young or old, this haircut is an attractive choice for anyone who wants something easy to style! A crew cut is a shorter masculine haircut that is a little longer on top than it is on the sides. It is the perfect haircut for someone who does not have the time to style.

One of the many pros of the crew cut is how adaptable it can be. It’s simple design and short length means it works well with any face shape.

Determining whether a crew cut is right for you isn’t just about aesthetics, oh no. This style is particularly well suited to those of you who prefer not to invest too much time in to your morning routine. This is an extremely quick and easy to style look, making it a good option for those of you who value an extra 15 minutes of snooze time.

*Tip for facial haired creatures:

Those of you with rounder faces can team this style with a short boxed beard to help balance and lengthen their proportions. Just don’t go too long with the facial features or it will appear bottom-heavy.


If you prefer not having to wake up and style your hair at all every morning, a buzz cut is the perfect choice. This haircut talks big, and and will not get in your way.

You will have to visit us more frequently to maintain this super short length, or you could just grow it into a crew cut without much trouble, and then get us to shape it up when it hits that ‘microphone’ look.

the buzzed style is definitely an eye-catching look. It’s not all about just standing out from the crowd - A tight haircut like this can really help to emphasise well proportioned, angular facial features.

Just A Few Points To Be Aware Of:

Be wary that if your forehead is already airing on the larger side, or if your jaw is something that you don’t want to be drawing any attention to, tightly buzzed hair will probably not be for you. Those with evenly proportioned diamond, square, or oval shaped faces will suit this look the best. Don't fret though, if you don’t fall under that bracket you may still be able to pull it off, but it’ll more than likely require some creative use of beard grooming to square off your jawline, or artistic make up to detract from those areas.

For The Receding Humans:

Do buzz it if you’re concerned about any heavy receding and you no longer feel like keeping up the rescue effort. There’s definitely no shame in this. You should make preparations beforehand though. For guys, stubble or a full grown beard will soften the blow when you first take the plunge. Alternatively, if you feel the rugged look is not for your Hollywood starfish skin, accessories like glasses or even scarves (try to avoid hats as this will not help your confidence and only draws attention) can add something back to your suddenly de-cluttered head.


This style is short on the sides and longer on the top but with no blending. The top can be pushed to the side or slicked back, messy textured, or full ‘Cousin It’ depending on your preferences! The sides can be faded to your liking and tailored to your head shape. there are so many variants of the undercut so this makes it very wearable by the many.

The undercut is a little edgier than other hairstyles. Its high contrast structure is unique and memorable, and will give you that confidence boost you need when you are wanting to alter your persona for different social situations. maybe we should rename this the chameleon?

If you opt for an undercut, this will require regular maintenance and upkeep. As your hair grows out, the undercut will look slightly different due to its disconnected nature. If you like the way it looks when it grows out, then keep it! If you want to keep it looking tip top however, you will need to visit us at HQ on a regular basis (about 3-4weeks).


The benefit of a disconnected cut like this, is that you can ask your Quirker for a touch-up. You can get the sides and back touched up but leave the top of the hair uncut. This will add extra length on top as it grows, whilst keeping the sides and back fresh. Doing so will also prep your hair for a longer version, which looks even cooler as the gap becomes more obvious, and has more styling options for you to wear.

If you already have, or plan to get an undercut style, make sure you style and maintain it regularly. It takes a little bit of work to have a great undercut, but it’s well worth it in our opinion. Go as bold or as subtle as you like, or ask your Quirker for advice if you are unsure of what will work best with your hair type & lifestyle.

This style suits many a human, and pairs nicely with a fashion statement outfit or a good pair of glasses.


If you have thick hair and prefer to keep your locks a little longer, then this laid back look is perfect for you. It can look polished and clean or masculine and roguish. This haircut is perfect for those of you who don’t like spending much time on your hair and avoid haircuts (why don’t you love us?). It works best on thick, wavy or curly hair, but can possibly work with other hair types too.

Round layering refers to the silhouette crafted from the layering technique used. This is especially true when the hair is cut to a balanced length so that it lies and forms a spherical silhouette.

A Round Layering technique is a great way to create a short, medium or long length haircut, whilst maintaining softness.

How does it work? Texture is created through the internal area of the cut, and around the perimeter, weight is eliminated but softness is retained. This can really enhance any natural wave or curl you may already have, or, surprise you with how much texture has been created if you have an ever so slight loose wave that has been hiding all of this time.

This type of layer is particularly suited to those of you with a masculine face shape, think square jaw, or strong facial features such as a strong cheek bone game. This is because the softness and the texture both help to balance everything off.

If you are blessed (or a victim of) having thick hair, then this medium length style is great for removing bulk but retaining length, no more feeling like “the shorter the better”. However, if you are on the thinner side of the pond, there are plenty of ways to craft a convincing impression of ample tresses.

So what length can this style start from? Medium length hair is typically defined as a style that’s 5 to 10 centimetres long (2 to 4 inches). Of course, these are guidelines only, and your Quirker can help you to create the perfect cut for your specific hair properties.

This style is very versatile, and can be styled in multiple ways which is great if you like to mix things up, or if you like a professional look throughout your work life and go rogue during your social life!


This look is easy to maintain yourself at home. It literally requires no styling and is an attractive hairstyle for anyone!

Although an easy style to achieve, we do advise that you are in a body confident position prior to changing your look. This will really help with the mental change afterwards.

This look is something that will make you feel very exposed to begin with, regardless of your reasons for hitting the nuke button. So making sure you feel your very best before ‘the big day' will help you get your head around it quicker and make you feel ready for change!

When shaving regularly, you will need to moisturise – bald dandruff is real. The reason for this is that a lot of you may start shaving you head way too often (assuming you aren’t dealing with a medical condition). When you shave your head, just remember that you are dragging multiple razor blades across your skin with every single stroke.

This is a lot of stress on your skin, and if you make several passes, that stress is even more pronounced!

To counteract this, and to repair your skins moisture barrier, all you need to do is moisturise daily.This helps keep that delicate skin on your head intact and makes you look great. If you really don’t want to have a shiny head at all, make sure that you pick up a moisturizer that is oil free. This will produce the matte effect that you are looking for.

Another note we want to touch on is sun exposure to the scalp. If you are going for the bald look, you need to make sure that you lather on some SPF protection daily- Yes even if its not sunny and you are living right here in Northwich (or the UK!). While that might be tough for some of you to get into the habit, attempting to do this on a regular basis will be better than nothing. Put it in a place where you can’t miss it.

This bears repeating, the scalp is not used to sun exposure at first due to living it’s whole life under a hair house, this leads to easy skin damage. You could just invest in a daily moisturiser that contains SPF to save you having more than one product - as you will need a moisturiser anyway as we referenced earlier.

Why are we harping on about this? Sun damage. Over time you will start seeing sun spots or freckles appearing on the top of your head. Too much exposure can result in some form of severe ailments, as well as skin cancer. We recommend using no lower than an SPF 15, as this will still help to block out the most harmful rays.

Hair loss:

There is no shame in sporting a shaved scalp. It can be very empowering in fact. If you struggle with hair loss, finally shaving your scalp can be the trick in bringing back your confidence, maybe more.

Before you make these steps, speak to your Quirker as they may be able to give you some words of advice, tips and tricks on how to go about the first move, or, potentially help you explore if you have other options if you aren't quite there yet. They may just give you those final words of encouragement if thats what you need.

You can message us ahead of time if you feel you may struggle with bringing this up in person.


Keep your head kempt! When you don't shave your head for a few days, you will spot your hairline growing through, this is not a good look! You will need to keep it shaved regularly. Since razors can rack up, plus, not to mention the negative impact on the environment, we recommend you sign yourself up to one of the monthly subscription boxes you can get where you just replace the blades.

Shaving -We recommend to do an initial pass after being in the shower for a few minutes as this helps to soften the hairs, and then do a secondary pass immediately once you get out. This helps to cut down on both prep time and cleaning time than if you were to use a set of clippers, or shaving at the sink.

Beards & Moustaches:

Why would face furniture help? A beard will help to balance out your overall appearance for you when you first take the plunge, as understandably, at the beginning, some feel a little like an egg. Not digging the idea of a beard? Or worried that you wont be able to maintain it? Don't fret , no one’s saying it has to be a godly looking beard, but it will need a little love.

With the help of a little beard/moustache oil, or wax if you have more of a rebel to contend with, or even just some simple face cream if you are going for the light stubble effect, can really help to not only soften those beard and moustache follicles, but will ensure that you don’t have an itchy or dry looking appearance, winner!


Want More Volume? Not a problem! By introducing your bonce to some extra help, we can get you more va va voom in no time at all.

By applying a volumizing mousse - we recommend applying Davines Volume mousse, on to damp hair and using a hairdryer, this is a super easy way to achieve volume. If however, you cant be bothered with that option, simply adding either a volumising dust like Davines Texture Dust, or a matte texture spray like our House fave from Windle London will also get that lift. These both go on to dry hair, then you just give it a good old scruff! By adding volume, you will be bringing a new look to your collection, and creating a more eye catching style.


It is super important to keep in mind that you should choose a hairstyle that mainly complements your hair type and face shape. But how do you find the right one? Trying different hairstyles and being guided by your Quirker will eventually lead you to one that works for you. It will be sure to boost that confidence of yours and make you realise that you probably should have experimented long ago!

No matter what look you are trying to achieve, we can definitely get you feeling your best, so make time in that hectic zoom world schedule of yours and get an appointment with the House asap.


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