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A year that brought challenges for us all as a community, but with a strong community like  ours,  we have all arrived to another fresh year at our feet, can you believe it?!

Thank you for the feelings of warmth this year.

A fresh new year brings new dawns for us all to see. Its how we view them that matters the most.

This year we caught a new fledgling to grow within our team. We brought our 2 seasoned fledglings back up to speed after the past 2 years of stop starting their training, we thankfully kept the entire HQ team together, and also kept the House alive.

Thank you for your kind faces, your patience & understanding, your supportive words, the lovely and thoughtful treats & gifts for us and the team, and most importantly, for your continued support of all of us here at HQ.

To the HQ Team, the little feet that hold up this big plant pot, Thank you! We know it isnt easy, especially in the most recent years, but thank you for keeping your toes on HQ soil and being a magical part of this tropical rainforest of madness. Our shoots are looking to be in growth mode now.. just watch out for that pesky hair monster lurking in the shadows.

Social Stalker's - Once again, we thank you for the attention from your eyeballs and all those finger taps! Or thumbs!? 🤔 Each emoji reaction /double tap / comment / link click / poll reply / post re:share / inbox / email we recieve, helps us to keep steering our rocketship through this paint splash fuelled hairy-verse, so keep on Stalkin' baby!

Thank you, as always, for supporting our House, and the Quirk family that reside here. We appreciate all of you, old, new, near and far!

Heres to 2023, the year that HQ invites back its Collective Evenings.

Forward, march.

Rae & Tom x


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