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G O O D ⚫ M E N T A L ⚫ H E A L T H

As the House doors are currently closed, and your fellow Quirk councillors are not facing you to take some of that heavy weight away, we just wanted to share with you this very important information.

All of us are going through our own heads, or have done, at 1million miles per hour, you are not alone.

If you are struggling, and need to talk, but you don't want to 'put it on someone elses shoulders', firstly, if you need to, please do! That person would really want to help, but secondly, we understand it isn't always that easy sometimes.

If you need support, there is now a new helpline - 0300 303 3972.

This is a dedicated phone line for Northwich, and is for urgent mental health help.

Don't keep it bubbling within.

It is operated by local NHS staff who can connect with you and offer you the best local support.

Please know that you matter 🖤


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