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Hey Quirk Stalkers!

As most of us have been instructed to sit on the couch, we thought what better way to share this experience, than to ramble at you, our HQ fans, whilst slurpin on a hot beverage?

That's right, we shall be hosting yet another coffee morning, just to say hello and to check in on you all!

As the little Q+A session has being going so well with you all, we have now brought this in as a weekly feature!

So if you have a burning question that you're eager to have answered, be sure to message us or comment below with what you want to know, prior to our coffee date for us to see it in time.

We shall also be answering any questions you guys may have about our reopening if you like - We will answer what we can, and try to help with things we may not yet know.

We know you aren't busy, you can reorganise the dvd collection another time!.. Do people still own those?!

So make yourself a hot beverage of your choice (..or a cold one, we ain't judging!), tune in, come say hi and let us know what you have been up to.

Feel free to give us advice on how to not get in to too much mischief this lockdown, or use this an an opportunity to fess up to any hair disaster's that you may already be guilty of committing!

See you at 10am on Friday! (tomorrow)

Rae & Tom x

To tune in to our virtual coffee morning, all you have to do is:

1) Pop over to our Facebook page at 10am on Friday 26th Feb. (You don't need to have a Facebook account to be able to watch us, but you if you do want to interact with us you will need one!).

2) Click on our live video when you see our faces pop up in a box on your screen! This will allow you to type and interact with us - go wild.

3) Say a big hello and show us your snazzy mug!

See you there 👏


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