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How have we gotten here so quickly?! Three whole weeks. Jeez!

We are feeling so very very grateful right now. In such an uncertain and slightly crazy time for everyone, you have been so supportive of us here at HQ. Without your kind words, check ins, visits to us and waves as you walk by the window, we couldn't do this.

Being back at the House and giving you all not only that little bit of normality, but also your identities back has been such a wonderful thing to be able to give.

We want to say thank you so much for coming in to see us all, old and new, and also for trusting that we will keep you safe. You are all very much appreciated and it gives us the batteries to keep on pushing through!

We shall be back for round 4 on Tuesday - DING DING!!

In the mean time, if you do need to grab our attention, you can reach us by email or you can message us through our social media and we will respond on Monday.

If you would like to book a haircut appointment we do have our online booking service available 24/7 here:

Happy Weekend Stalkers 🤙


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