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Well, Here it is.

Earlier in this morning, we did a little poll on our stories across Facebook & Instagram, on whether we should add a Q+A session to our Virtual Coffee Morning...

You unanimously chose to grill the pair of us.. With only two of you choosing for us to just stick to our Friday ramblings aha!

Meaning, this Friday, you lot are going to have a little control over the situation!

If you have a burning question, for us either individually as a human being, or as a duo, now's your chance!

As the virtual Coffee Morning as a time lag, we will need all questions to be submitted prior to Friday. Unfortunately we may not get through all questions asked this week, depending on how many of you out there are nosey, but will try to do our best!

Do your worst.

You can either comment your question(s) below, or message us.


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