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Well we've been rocking 'n' rolling a while now.

The problem is that the world had a big shift which let certain events get swamped! Judy the stylish hog is here to show you what you might have missed.


We took this amazing brand on just before the event that shall not be named........

Now we are back and of course have been a bit distracted by the goings on. We are a couple of months in now and people keep saying "what is this fresh new gear you be packin'!".

Okay.. No one has ever said that, BUT! People have been asking in their own unique way so it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

Davines is an Italian brand with a massive view to sustainability, which we adore. They are a B Corp - meaning they have strict reports to create every year. They must show what they are doing to keep helping the environment and reducing their carbon footprint. Sound good to us.

More importantly they have some amazing products that keep free from of the nasties AND help your hair get that amazing volume, grit or shine that you are after.

You do want that right?

So get on the same page as Judy the hog (see what I did there!) and pick up some sustainable beauty.

Getting confused? just ask your in house Quirker for details.

The above picture shows our favouritest ever blow-dry primer. Its a wonderfully scented anti-humidity & volumising tonic which will not fail to impress. This formula provides texture and protection against heat and humidity, whilst also enhancing the natural shine of the hair and reducing that blow-drying time. What more could you want?

RRP £27.30


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